Need Insulated Panels? Order Your Pieces Pre-Cut And Enjoy These Benefits When Installing

1 December 2015
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Insulated panels are a great way to build a property. Already insulated, these panels greatly reduce construction time and offer great thermal protection. If you plan to use insulate panels for your building, it's important that you discuss with your supplier about your building design first. This way, your insulated panels supplier can provide pre-cut pieces that already have the needed design to allow for the installation of doors, windows, vents, etc.

Here's why this is important:

Saves time

With pre-cut insulated panels, installation time is even quicker during your build. This is because the panels will not require any last-minute alterations in order to comply with your property dimensions. Instead, they will be ready to install as-is from the moment you have them delivered. This will eliminate any design or labour final touches, ensuring that your building is completed in record time.

Reduces wastage of materials

With standard block building materials, final alterations always lead to wastage of materials. The cut-out pieces can add up to a significant amount of building resources. With pre-cut insulated panels, there is no such wastage. Your panels are manufacturer-processed to fit your exact specifications, so no piece of material is left unused.

Saves money

Without having to cut and resize the panels, pre-cut insulated building panels give you better value for your money in the end. This is because, in the end, you only pay for what you need. Nothing goes to waste so no money is lost on materials. You also save additional money by not using any labour for the supposed resizing process during insulated panels installation.

Deters theft of material

Last-minute site fabrication often creates a loophole that can promote material theft by untrustworthy workers. This is because, at the end of the day, you have no idea how much material was used and how much was cut. However, with pre-cut panels, every single piece of material goes into the construction process. This leaves nothing to chance as there is no room for workers to skim on materials.

Keeps work site clean

On a more aesthetic note, ordering pre-cut insulation panels also keeps your working environment clean and de-cluttered because there are not cut-off pieces scattered around. This is great for small work sites where there is no room to spare. It's also great for sites that are already under occupation and neatness is vital, e.g. when building extensions or demarcating internal walls of a loft or warehouse.

Once you have the final designs from your architect, you can forward them to your insulated panels supplier. They will study them and advise on the number of panels you need and in what dimensions.