3 Reasons to Use a Waterproofing Membrane on a New Extension

29 June 2021
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If you're extending your home, then you want to create a robust structure that will last for years. Even if you're saving some money with a self-build, this will be a significant investment. During the construction process, you should install waterproofing in key places. For example, you should consider laying a membrane on your extension's foundations and in its roof. What are the advantages of installing a waterproofing membrane on your new build? Read More 

Understanding Pneumatic Vibrators for Concrete Applications

22 February 2021
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As you pour concrete in do-it-yourself projects, air bubbles develop and remain trapped within the concrete mixture. The bubbles form honeycomb-like spaces and cavities between the cement particles as the concrete starts to cure. If you leave them unattended, these cavities affect the structural integrity of your cement slabs. They will not last as long as they should. Thankfully, pneumatic shaft vibrators can help you remove these air bubbles and prevent the cavities from cropping up when the slab cures. Read More 

Air conditioning: How you can save energy and money

15 January 2018
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During those hot summer days, the air conditioning (AC) system is an invaluable unit that offers you relief from the unpleasant heat. Despite its importance, most people take these systems for 'granted,' assuming that they will always perform at their optimum level when needed. However, this isn't always the case. As these systems are susceptible to damage if regular air conditioning repair and maintenance is not carried out. Apart from getting damaged, an AC that is not properly maintained could also be inefficient, causing the unnecessary wastage of energy. Read More 

Why you Need a Conveyor Guarding Assessment for your New Facility

12 July 2017
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Moving your packaging business from your garage to a warehouse means that you would need to install a conveyor belt to help manage the large quantities of orders. Notably, conveyor installations come with the need to place conveyor guards to protect staff from accidents and injuries. Since you want to have your business up and running within the shortest time possible, you might feel the urge to rush into installing conveyor protectors without carrying out a guarding assessment. Read More 

Everything You Need to Know about Recycling Glass Waste

26 January 2017
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Glass is one of the common materials you are likely to find in a dumping site. This is because glass is non-biodegradable, meaning that it does not decompose and form part of the soil. Instead, it stays intact when buried in the soil where it continues to pose health hazards and damage the environment. You should, therefore, be responsible when disposing of glass so that it is easily accessible and available to recycling centres. Read More