3 Elevator Maintenance Tips You Should Strictly Follow

9 August 2022
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An apartment fitted with an elevator offers transportation convenience and luxury to the residents. However, the same elevator can become an inconvenience once it breaks down. Additionally, a malfunctioning elevator is a safety hazard. Rules from the federal government state that building management should perform regular elevator maintenance. Different cities might have additional safety measures and regulations. Choosing the right elevator maintenance plan is the first step in safeguarding safety in your building. Follow these elevator maintenance tips for the best outcome. 

Perform Regular Safety Inspections

Most elevator companies recommend a maintenance check at least once every twelve months. However, other factors come into play in determining how often to check your system. Some elevator models are more susceptible to regular wear and tear than others. You can consult with your manufacturer and get a maintenance schedule from them. Have an elevator maintenance log to keep track of the maintenance check intervals and avoid missing crucial check-ups. You should also consider more frequent assessments if the system serves a high-traffic building. An elevator that ferries thousands of people daily will probably break down more often than one serving fewer people.

Increase the Frequency of Inspections for Older Elevators

Older elevators might have a higher probability of breaking down than newer models. Expect between two and three decades of efficient performance from your system. Once it gets older, you should be more vigilant about the maintenance. A reliable elevator maintenance company will offer you a robust maintenance plan that includes regular annual checks. They also train property managers in simple ways to assess the troubleshoot problems affecting their systems. 

Learn How to Troubleshoot Problems

Technicians recommend that building managers learn to troubleshoot problems. The elevator comes with an operational manual. Have someone with some technical knowledge of the machinery's mechanics check it regularly. Some of the components to assess include the buttons used to guide its movement and the condition of wires and cables. Preventive maintenance involves replacing worn-out wiring before it becomes a safety hazard. You can also call the experts to replace any buttons that have become unresponsive. Most importantly, ensure people adhere to its loading capacity. 

These are simple and effective maintenance tips you can use to maintain your elevator. Consult an elevator maintenance technician immediately if you suspect your system has a glitch. They will troubleshoot the problem and offer workable solutions. Call an elevator service today and set up a regular maintenance schedule.