Why pre-insulated piping could be the right solution for your building project

28 April 2023
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Pre-insulated piping consists of plastic or metal pipes surrounded by layers of foam to provide the insulation. They are used in heating systems, and are also used to provide hot or cold water to a property. Here are some of the advantages of using such piping.


Firstly, this kind of piping is eco-friendly. Hot water systems will generally lose some of their heat over distance, particularly if they are underground. The insulation will help to keep this heat loss to a minimum. By keeping the water at the same temperature, less energy is needed to heat it up again. Heating water is expensive and takes a lot of energy, so better insulation is a step forward in reducing your carbon footprint.


Secondly, installing pre-insulated pipes can result in lower labour costs on the site. Such pipes are easy to lay and do not require any extra insulation to be fitted. They are also generally easy to join and connect to the necessary outlets. This means they can be put in place quickly and easily, requiring far less manpower than uninsulated pipes. This can have a significant effect on the total cost of the project.


Another advantage is that these pipes have a number of uses. The pipes are usually lightweight and flexible and can therefore be installed in any position or situation. They can be fitted either above or below ground, according to your needs, and can carry fluids or gases. They are therefore suitable for a wide variety of projects where it is important that heat is neither lost nor gained, including water and heating systems.

Fire Resistance

Finally, it is worth remembering that the insulation also offers protection against fire. This is particularly important in pipes that are installed above the ground to provide heating. It is unlikely that the heat inside the pipe will be able to escape outwards to cause a fire, and any fire that does break out will find it more difficult to burn through the insulation to reach the pipe. Pipes that are made specifically to be fire-resistant are available if this is a particular risk.

The extra insulation built into pre-insulated piping systems makes them an environmentally friendly choice that will cut down on heating or cooling bills. For more information, just talk to a company such as Permapipe Systems Australia about why they can be the right solution for your building project.