Different Types of Pumps That You Can Consider

11 December 2015
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If you own a home then chances are you will require the services of a water pump at one point or another. What most people do not realize though is that just as there are an array of water tanks to choose from, so is there a myriad of pumps too! These water pumps will come in various sizes as well as shapes so as to ensure they can be carry out their applications to their best of their ability. Some water pumps will have to be run using a motor, whereas others can be used manually. Here are some of the different types of pumps that you may need for your household. 

Sump pumps

This type of water pump is a staple in every household. They are designed to transfer water from one point to another. Typically, sump pumps will be used in the event of a flood in your home making them useful for basement drainage, foundation drainage, residential flooding and more. There are two main types of sump pumps that you can choose. 

  • Pedestal pump: This comprises of an open motor. It will be placed above the water level before it can start suction. These pumps tend to be noisy but they are the most economical option. It should be noted that since it has an open motor, it tends to be exposed to dust and other impurities hence would need regular cleaning. 
  • Submersible pump: This type of sump pump has a sealed motor. When in use, it is submerged below the water level hence its name. These pumps tend to run quietly hence making a good option for homeowners who would like to keep the noise levels down. It also does not require much maintenance as its engine has been sealed to protect it from dust, moisture and other contaminants. 

Sewage pumps

As the name suggests, these pumps are designed to pump liquid waste. Therefore, unlike sump pumps that can only pump water, these can handle pumping liquid that has particulate matter in it. In the event that you are using a sump pump and the clogging happens, then it would be best to switch to the sewage pump as this indicates the water you are eliminating contains other matter. When selecting a sewage pump, you would have to consider the horsepower. Generally, the longer the distance that you are pumping the liquid water, the more the horsepower your pump will require. 

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