Effective Cooling Equipment for The Summer

11 December 2015
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Cooling equipment have now become items of necessity that you cannot do without during extreme summer conditions. However, air conditioners have proved to be the best of these equipment. Choosing the right air conditioner may sometimes be difficult. Not to worry. If you are a homeowner thinking of how to deal with the heat this coming summer, here are a few air conditioner units you may want to consider.

Portable Air Conditioners

These are air conditioners that are not attached to walls, ceilings or any part of the house. They are usually preferred for their mobility. Portable air conditioners are fitted with wheels which allow you to move from room to room. This enables you to use one air conditioner for an entire house simply by moving it with you wherever you go, thus saving costs. Moreover, this AC is very convenient and ideal for outdoor activities. For example, you may carry it with you for summer camp or when visiting your cabin in the woods.

Cassette Air Conditioners

They are air conditioners shaped like cassettes, thus explaining their name. Cassette ACs have been specifically modified to fit into ceilings. Moreover, these air conditioners are designed in such a way that they do not protrude out of the ceiling wall and require no ducting. Therefore, acquiring such ACs will help you conserve more space. In addition, cassette air conditioners are known for their stylish design and can easily blend with any décor. Since they are located at the ceiling, they tend to have more room coverage and are able to cool larger areas and reach areas other ACs wouldn't.

Cube Air Conditioner

This is a more modern design air conditioner that can be mounted close to a ceiling or at window level. It is a type of split air conditioner that consists of an outdoor and indoor unit. However, it is smaller and more affordable than previous split AC versions. In addition, cube air conditioners stand out due to their uniquely designed diagonal propeller fan, with improved blade shape and curvature. This design makes them very efficient and fast coolers.

Package Central Air Conditioners

Unlike split ACs, packaged central air conditioners contain all their components in one cabinet and are therefore easier to install. They are mostly mounted on walls and have ducts which carry air to and from the room. Since they are directly connected outside, they are able to replenish your room with fresh air periodically. In addition, these ACs have high cooling capacity. Moreover, their sucking property enables them to keep your home free of dust.