3 Unique Ways to Use Timber When Renovating Your Kitchen

17 December 2015
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Your kitchen is most likely one of the rooms within your home that gets the most use. It is a space where you can prepare meals and also gather as a family. This means that you want a kitchen that is both stylish and functional. Having a kitchen that encompasses some of the latest design trends will increase the overall value of your entire property. When you decide to renovate your kitchen, it can be a good idea to include the use of timber in your design plans. There are 3 unique ways that you can use timber when renovating your kitchen that will transform this space and add a new dimension of style.

Timber Island

If there is one feature in a kitchen that immediately makes it more appealing, it would be a kitchen island. A kitchen island allows you to maximise the amount of space that is available and gives you more room for meal prep. Instead of choosing a traditional kitchen island, you can switch up the style with an island made out of timber. A timber island will make your entire kitchen look more minimalist in style. Simple style is what is trendy right now, and you can create a kitchen that looks elegant with old fashioned flair by choosing to have a timber kitchen island installed.

Stained Cabinets

Timber is most often used in kitchen design when it comes to cabinetry. Having timber cabinets is something that can enhance the appeal of your space. However, you can create a more unique look by staining the timber cabinets in a more driftwood inspired tone. This will be a great contrast to the dark stained timber kitchen island and will allow you to create a kitchen space that has multiple layers of style. If you do not want all the timber features in your kitchen to match, using different stains can be great way to change the look.

Timber Beams

Many homeowners forget about the ceiling space when they are renovating their kitchen. You can instantly add style and appeal to the ceiling by installing timber beams. They can be a great way to add a new look and create a style that is so unique. The timber beams will only help to further the minimalist style that you are creating. Dark stained timber beams can be a great contrast if you have a light ceiling and light walls within your kitchen that will make the dark stain of the timber more noticeable.

For more ideas for using timber in your kitchen, contact a local timber supplier or kitchen remodeling company.