All You Need To Know About Getting Vibrating Equipment For Your Trucks

21 December 2015
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If you have a tipper truck, or a fleet of tipper trucks, that are used for the transportation of materials, either in the earth-moving, mining, agricultural or construction sectors, then you need to know about vibrating equipment. Vibrating equipment refers to small motorized gadgets that are fitted under the truck's tray. They help with offloading by causing small vibrations that shake the loose material off the tray during the tipping action.

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Choosing the right fit

They are a number of truck vibrators in the market. However, not just any unit will do for your particular vehicle. The right vibrator equipment needs to be specific to your truck. The right fit should match the tray of your truck as well as its weight. The larger or heavier the truck tray is, the bigger the needed vibrating equipment. Ensure to consult a technician or a manufacturer before settling on a product.


Typically, tipping vibrators are fitted under the truck's tray. They have to be in contact with the base of the tray to create the needed effect during offloading. However, the installation process can get a little complicated because the vibrator has to be connected to a power source. A controller then needs to be fitted in the cabin dash so that the driver can easily access it when tipping. Again, this is why this equipment should be handled by a supply technician.

Benefits of installing vibrating equipment on trucks

Vibrating equipment on tipper truck has many benefits. These include:

  •  Helping to ensure that all stuck material has been ejected from the truck.
  •  Reducing the need for the driver to visually inspect the truck during offloading.
  •  Eliminating the need to physically scrap leftover material off the tipper's tray.
  •  Reducing offloading time (due to all the above).
  •  Improving transport efficiency by preventing leftovers from remaining in trucks after offloading.


This vibrating equipment can be installed on any tipper truck despite the make or size. The best applications include trucks that transport material that is bound to get stuck on the truck's tray. The best examples of these materials are compacted or wet materials such as sand, earth, grain, ballast, wood chips, flour, etc.

Would you like to try out industrial vibrating equipment for trucks? Contact a manufacturer and unit that fits with your needs, i.e. environment, transport media and truck size. They will also offer installation , plus any subsequent servicing you may need in future. 

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