Safety Controls for Conveyors and other Industrial Equipment

29 December 2015
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When it comes to industrial equipment, safety is paramount. Whether you are in the construction industry or the food and agriculture industry there are safety precautions that must be utilised in order to reduce and/or eliminate the risk of injuries and accidents. There are a number of safety controls to choose from, based on the type of conveyor or industrial equipment you're using.

Safety Stop Control

This heavy-duty safety control provides a positive shut off of dangerous equipment in case of an emergency. To activate the control, endangered personnel pull a cable. The output contacts can control two separate circuits, one for an alarm and one for instant machinery shutdown.

This type of stop control can be used as part of conveyor components, production line, assembly lines, elevator equipment, cranes and material handling systems. These are crucial for employee protection and are required by many safety institutes. 

Safety Stop Control with Cable Brake Detection

This is similar to the safety stop control device, but has an added advantage of cable break detection. Again, this is a must for conveyors, cranes, elevator equipment, assembly lines and material handling systems. The control is activated by a cable pulled by endangered personnel.

Belt Alignment Control

A belt alignment control provides an indication and alarm when a conveyor belt has drifted out of alignment and poses a dangerous situation. The output contacts can control two separate circuits, one for the alarm and one for instant emergency shutdown. When a belt goes into misalignment, it poses a threat not only to employees but to products on the belt. Having an early detection system will save time, money and labour associated with having to replace a damaged conveyor belt.

These safety controls are typically made of stainless steel and are built with durability and stability in mind. They are easy to use and if a dangerous situation arises they are placed within arm's reach. Every second counts when it comes to safety and these controls are made to react quickly, shutting down the equipment and preventing injury.

Along with conveyor products and solutions comes safety training. It's important to ensure that all employees understand how to use the equipment and what to do in case of an emergency. This may seem like common knowledge, but there are many companies that don't take the time to train their staff properly, setting them up for potentially dangerous circumstances.

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