Stack-parking elevators

8 February 2016
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Today, the limited spaces in urban areas force you to use any available space maximally. It is hard to come by any unused space close to your business organisation, which can allow you to park cars luxuriously. This can be a setback if you have many employees and clients coming into the business premises daily. Therefore, it is important to come up with an effective mechanism to accommodate your clients' and employees' vehicles. Thankfully, stack-parking with elevators allows you to maximise the little space that you have by accommodating many vehicles. Here are a few types of stack-parking systems that can fit your organisation: 

Rotary stack parking

The rotary type has two sprockets that provide the parking space on different levels. They are installed as a pair of spaces such that the vehicles are parked beside each other. The parking space extends upwards like a tower. Vehicles are moved from the ground to the available parking space using a cage and a specially attached chain that enables it to circulate around. The rotary type is parking system does not require much equipment during installation. This makes it relatively cheap and suited for many firms that cannot spend significantly to set up a parking lot.     

Elevator type

In the elevator type of parking system, the parking spaces are designed in the form of a storey building. Unlike the rotary type where the spaces are designed in the form of two columns, the elevator type has multiple columns. This means that it is ideal for an organisation with high capacity parking needs.

The lift is located inside the parking stack. Once an employee or client arrives, his or her vehicle is moved to the lift using a cage. The lift carries the vehicle to an available parking space at the click of a button. Contact a local left installation company, such as Forte Lift Services, for further assistance.

The square type parking system

The square type is ideal for firms that can combine the parking spaces with other uses for the building. In this case, the parking spaces are located on selected floors of the building. Depending on the available space, the lifts carrying the vehicles to these floors can be located on either side of the building, or just one side. Once the vehicle reaches the floor with an available parking space, it is moved into the space using pallets that move horizontally. This system can work in cases where you want to locate the parking space on the top floors and within the basement. It is also helpful when the building is tall and narrow.