3 Reasons to Use a Waterproofing Membrane on a New Extension

29 June 2021
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If you're extending your home, then you want to create a robust structure that will last for years. Even if you're saving some money with a self-build, this will be a significant investment. During the construction process, you should install waterproofing in key places. For example, you should consider laying a membrane on your extension's foundations and in its roof. What are the advantages of installing a waterproofing membrane on your new build?

1. Create a Stronger Structure

While your foundation and building materials create a strong initial build, they aren't impervious to harm. Even a robust concrete slab can get damaged over time. For example, if water gets into your foundations and walls, then it can cause damage. Your extension could subside; you could end up with significant cracks in your walls and damage to your supports. This kind of damage affects the integrity of the extension. It might lose some of its strength and even become unsafe. You might have to make costly repairs. If you install a waterproofing membrane in key areas, then you prevent water from affecting the build. The right membrane keeps water out.

2. Reduce Internal Water Problems

Water ingress in your extension can cause a few different problems. For example, water leaks can damage your furniture, furnishings and walls. They can create damp spots. If you have a persistent problem, then you might end up with mould. Mould likes to grow in damp conditions. It is hard to get rid of completely when it takes hold. Plus, mould spores are unhealthy. They will make your extension smell musty and damp, and they could give you some breathing or allergy problems. A waterproofing membrane keeps water out of the inside of your extension. You won't have to worry about water leaks. The inside of your extension should stay dry.

3. Increase the Financial Value of Your Home

If you're building an extension to increase the value of your home, then you need to make sure that it is as sound as possible. If the structure starts to suffer from water problems, then a surveyor will pick these problems up when you sell your property. Water problems can be tricky to fix. They might put off some buyers. Others might try to negotiate your price down to cover potential repair costs. If you install waterproofing, then you reduce the chances of water problems or damage. Your extension can add to your home's value rather than reduce it.

To find out more about suitable waterproofing solutions, ask building supplies professionals for advice.