Why Your Gas Fireplace Needs Regular Inspection

20 June 2016
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Gas fireplaces burn clean and are easy to clean and maintain. In fact, they do not require day-to-day cleaning as wood fireplaces. For this reason, most homeowners overlook regular maintenance and inspection of their gas fireplaces and chimneys. If not regularly inspected, a gas fireplace can leak carbon monoxide, which can cause detrimental effects to individuals' health. Since the gas has no smell, it is not easy to realize any faults until it's too late. Read More 

Some Questions to Ask About Buying Plastic Pallets

3 June 2016
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Plastic pallets are a good alternative to standard wood pallets as they typically have a much longer lifespan and are more resistant to rot, mold, and the like. Investing in plastic pallets can mean not having to worry about splintered frames or boards and not having items damaged because of soft wood that allowed a pallet to actually topple. When you're ready to buy plastic pallets, note a few questions to ask so you know you're getting the right type for your needs. Read More 

What are some things to consider when choosing a dog fence?

18 April 2016
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If you are getting a fence in your yard specifically to keep your dog safe and protected, you have a few different options to choose from. Some fences keep your dog completely hidden, while others have a bit of space between the slats or rails. Here are some different things to consider when you are choosing a fence for your dog. How high can your dog jump? An important thing to keep in mind is that your dog may be able to jump over some fence heights. Read More 

Stack-parking elevators

8 February 2016
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Today, the limited spaces in urban areas force you to use any available space maximally. It is hard to come by any unused space close to your business organisation, which can allow you to park cars luxuriously. This can be a setback if you have many employees and clients coming into the business premises daily. Therefore, it is important to come up with an effective mechanism to accommodate your clients' and employees' vehicles. Read More 

Safety Controls for Conveyors and other Industrial Equipment

29 December 2015
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When it comes to industrial equipment, safety is paramount. Whether you are in the construction industry or the food and agriculture industry there are safety precautions that must be utilised in order to reduce and/or eliminate the risk of injuries and accidents. There are a number of safety controls to choose from, based on the type of conveyor or industrial equipment you're using. Safety Stop Control This heavy-duty safety control provides a positive shut off of dangerous equipment in case of an emergency. Read More