Why you Need a Conveyor Guarding Assessment for your New Facility

12 July 2017
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Moving your packaging business from your garage to a warehouse means that you would need to install a conveyor belt to help manage the large quantities of orders. Notably, conveyor installations come with the need to place conveyor guards to protect staff from accidents and injuries. Since you want to have your business up and running within the shortest time possible, you might feel the urge to rush into installing conveyor protectors without carrying out a guarding assessment. Read More 

Everything You Need to Know about Recycling Glass Waste

26 January 2017
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Glass is one of the common materials you are likely to find in a dumping site. This is because glass is non-biodegradable, meaning that it does not decompose and form part of the soil. Instead, it stays intact when buried in the soil where it continues to pose health hazards and damage the environment. You should, therefore, be responsible when disposing of glass so that it is easily accessible and available to recycling centres. Read More 

Tips for protecting your plastic marine hardware from UV rays.

17 August 2016
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Many plastics degrade over time when left in the sun. This is because the UV rays in sunlight may induce a photochemical effect in the plastics that will eventually cause them to crack or disintegrate. People may therefore prefer to use stainless steel for boating supplies and other marine hardware. However, steel presents its own set of challenges owing to corrosion hastened by the saline environment, so don't count out plastics just yet. Read More 

Why Elevating Work Platforms Are a Better Alternative to Ladders

27 July 2016
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Some people may wonder whether they should buy ladders or invest in elevating work platforms, such as aerial lifts, for their workers. This article discusses some reasons why elevating work platforms may be a better option when compared to ladders. Greater Weight Bearing Capacity Many ladders are designed to be used during simple tasks, such as replacing a blown light bulb. Such ladders may have a weight-bearing capacity that is limited to the weight of the worker. Read More 

Essential Tools for Modelling Miniatures

11 July 2016
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Creating a painting station to allow you to produce beautifully painted model miniatures is the perfect way to bring your army to life. Whether you specialise in sci-fi, fantasy or historical modelling, having the right selection of tools can be the difference between an average and a spectacular model. If you really want to take your painting to the next level, there are some fantastic products on the market now that make the hobby far more accessible. Read More