3 Industrial Refrigeration System Components You Need to Consider

30 November 2022
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Industrial refrigeration systems have numerous uses and applications, from cooling food and beverages to storing medical supplies. In some facilities, these systems are essential for keeping products and materials at safe temperatures, while in others, they're an optional addition to improve product quality or process efficiency. That said, no matter what you're using an industrial refrigeration system for, there are three components you'll need to consider when choosing equipment: compressors, condensers, and expanders. Read More 

3 Elevator Maintenance Tips You Should Strictly Follow

9 August 2022
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An apartment fitted with an elevator offers transportation convenience and luxury to the residents. However, the same elevator can become an inconvenience once it breaks down. Additionally, a malfunctioning elevator is a safety hazard. Rules from the federal government state that building management should perform regular elevator maintenance. Different cities might have additional safety measures and regulations. Choosing the right elevator maintenance plan is the first step in safeguarding safety in your building. Read More 

What Can Impact the Cost of Hiring a Welding Service?

11 April 2022
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Whether you're an individual who needs help with a project at home or you're interested in hiring a welder to help with something around your place of business, then you could be wondering how much you're going to have to pay for their services. You probably won't be surprised to learn that the cost of welding services can vary significantly from one project to another. If you're curious about the different things that impact the cost of hiring a welding service, you should consider the following matters that are often considered. Read More 

What Causes an O-Ring To Fail?

16 December 2021
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O-rings are widely used wherever an industrial process calls for the transmission fluids under pressure. Engineers claim that they are the best solution due to their "elastomeric" properties and will typically put up with temperature and pressure extremes very well. However, these simple products can sometimes fail, and it may be challenging to find out why. So, if you're encountering a problem, how can you get to the bottom of it? Read More 

Helpful Tips for Safely Using a Guillotine Cutting Machine

21 September 2021
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Anytime that you are dealing with sharp blades or any type of cutting equipment, you have to worry about getting hurt. However, there are things that you can do to keep yourself safe when you're working with all types of cutting machines and equipment, including guillotines. Follow these tips, and you can be as safe as possible when using a guillotine cutting machine. Make Sure It's Designed for the Material You're Cutting Read More